Nail length: fashion nails Spring 2013

VogueUntil a any years ago nails were at a peak of popularity, but now most of the girls like to possess your nails, though not particularly long.The tendency to decrease the length of nails outlined in a last time. It remains relevant and in the source of 2011. A nails of nice length finally out of vogue. At a peak of popularity now classic aesthetics short length of the nail. Like note that most of the Hollywood beauties presently give preference to short nails subdued shades.  Resembling articles:Mode Women's ScarvesStyle Panama hats made of felt, material, knitwearCaps and hats with ears (a la aviator)Woolen cap with a visorVogue Summer ornamentals: bags, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry. . Читать полностью -->

Vogue swimwear summer 2012

VogueHighly soon, the long-awaited hot summer of 2013, which need get to prepare for today. Perhaps the basic summer garments may be called a swimsuit. If you want to look fashionable and stylish beach, be sure to purchase a new swimsuit - and complete than about!  Alike articles:Mode Ladies with full shape: Walk to work and studyMode Fashion trends of the fall season 2013: The Gerls's Coats & JacketsVogue Ornamentals vacation outfits. . . . Читать полностью -->

Coat of dark and grayStyleA most trendy colors of the season were sable and gray. You are universal and fit for anything. That coats be much stylish. They may be worn each time. This style is devoid of any frills, but a coat looks very elegant. Delete a dark blossom of his collections failed the fashion designer, how the elegancy and simplicity are still in vogue. Читать полностью -->

Brushes: fashion Accessories summer 2012

VogueA tendency of the period 2013 - brushes, which are used however a decorative unit for bags, evening dresses and chic tops. But you managed to penetrate into a realm of jewelry. Brushes are the pendants on the already long Accessories. Thin metal chains assembled into a wider chain well with pearls.  Similar articles:Vogue Style autumn ornamentals: caps, large bags, long glovesMode Cute trinketsMode Summer evening, music. . . Читать полностью -->

Mode swimwear summer 2013

ModeHighly soon, a great-awaited hot summer of 2013, which should start to prepare for now. Perhaps a general summer wear may be called a swimsuit. If you want to be fashionable and stylish beach, be sure to purchase a new swimsuit - and consummate than about!  Similar posts:Mode Source Mode: Style fashion of sunglassesMode Autumn vogue women's coat: Graduation in length: MiniVogue Source Vogue Gallery girls costume. . . . Читать полностью -->

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